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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tata Sky Scam

Just recently, one Tata Sky connection went on the blink...the remote stopped operating the set-top box. Their service guy came and in a minute told mw the remote "is broken." He pulled out a new remote and offered to sell it to me for 600 rupees cash. I asked him if it was this was a legitimate transaction. He fled.
Next day, another guy showed with a remote and I accepted it. He said my account would be charged 250 rupees. Next day, same thing happened to aconnection in another room. The old non-HD remote simply stopped working. However, in both cases, I found the set-top box could be operated by my HD remote. I have another non-HD connection in my study with the old remote. I checked it to find it isn't working.
When I complained to Customer Care, I was given the run-around and was left holding the phone for ages.Same ol', same ol'.
What a scam! Deactivate old non-HD remotes and open up new revenue streams. 
How low can an Indian business stoop? When business strategy devolves on fleecing customers, what can a customer say?